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Authentic, valuable and inspiring brand and product stories. That's what Salted Almond wants to create with its customers: inside. In a joint cooperation we were able to get to know the team and would like to introduce you to the "creative minds" behind the label.

On average, people from Germany spend 89 minutes a day on social media.

Social media are playing an increasingly important role in our everyday life and have become indispensable. New business models and marketing strategies emerged from the potential of digital platforms, also for companies. In order to shine with your online presence, however, you need experts who are on hand with tips and tricks. Salted Almond is such a young marketing agency based in Munich. Behind the agency are Valerie and Pascal, who together used their great love for creative work to found their own label. Now they help their customers with the concept and content creation as well as with building the social media presence. For WYE they put the accessories in the right light - the result speaks for itself! We would like to introduce the team to you and therefore asked them about their work, their everyday life and their personal interior projects:

1. You met while working in the marketing department of a local gin distillery. How did the leap into the unknown to found your own marketing agency come about ?

We got on really well right away. It happened really quickly that we found our flow at photo shoots and harmonized perfectly on the set. When we left the company, we naturally stayed in touch with each other creatively. Again and again we dreamed of starting a joint project or even something bigger over a beer after work. Valerie said just for fun: "Give me 2 years in a larger agency, then we'll talk." Pascal called exactly on the day: "Well, time's up, how's it looking?" The rest is history. .

2. What makes you such a great team? What do you appreciate most about your collaboration?

We understand each other blindly. Yes, that sounds cliché, but it really is the case. On the set it often happens that one person is already doing what the other is thinking at the same time. We share the same vision and are mutually valuable sparring partners. But we also give ourselves the space to alternately take on the role of the dreamer or the realist.

In many aspects we complement each other brilliantly. For example, while Valerie has an eye for detail, Pascal keeps an eye on the big picture. Valerie takes care of the conception and the set design and Pascal brings the technical know-how for the implementation. In general, through the combination of marketing and production expertise, we are able to offer relevant services for our customers.

3. How do you approach a project? Is there anything that particularly inspires you? And are there any particularly uninspired days? If yes, then what?

With everything we do, we tell brand and product stories - that's why we want to get to know and understand the company, the brand and its products as a first step. This also includes defining goals together and considering how these can best be achieved. We don't think very much of the "one solution fits all". Then the brainstorming phase begins, i.e. brainstorming. If there is an idea, we check it for feasibility and if everything fits, the responsibilities within the project are clearly assigned and we get started. Throughout the project, we remain in close contact internally and with the customer - that really is the key to success.

We really do find inspiration everywhere. This can be a walk where we discover a super exciting shooting location, a shop window during a city trip, a film, music or the look or vibe of a person at a party. Of course, we are also very active on social media.

If creativity doesn't really want to get going on uninspired days, there are still organizational or administrative tasks that need to be taken care of. But of course it can also happen on the set that it takes a little longer until you really get into the flow. But we always tell ourselves “trust the process” and at some point the knot will burst. Good music helps too!

4. What do you enjoy most about your work? Is there anything that you enjoy doing less?

The most exciting thing is the exchange with the most diverse customers and partners. The stories behind the brands and products are extremely interesting and in themselves provide inspiration. Our heart really beats for content production - we are in our element when it comes to photo shoots.

That's not an earth-shattering answer, but of course accounting and administration can sometimes be really annoying. But it is very important to us that everything is done properly and promptly in this area as well - that in turn gives us room for creative work.

5. What does your everyday work look like?

We started with "salted almonds" in the middle of the pandemic, so we work very flexibly and agile right from the start - always reacting to the current circumstances. It can happen that we don't see each other for a week or two and everyone works for themselves and we only communicate with each other via phone and WhatsApp. Then there are times when we work in the same place every day. In one way or another, we are constantly in contact - it can happen that a midnight brainstorming session starts spontaneously via WhatsApp or that admin tasks are distributed on the phone on the motorway towards Italy.

6. What attracted you to working with WYE?

In our eyes, WYE is a visionary brand with clearly formulated values. Sustainability is also very important to us personally. When pure aesthetics are added to this, we as design lovers are completely convinced. What also appealed to us about the collaboration was the authentic and personable appearance. This initial feeling has been more than confirmed in the collaboration.

7. How do you explain your job to someone who doesn't know anything about it?

Usually using a product example - let's take a jam: While classic advertising with a product photo in combination with lines à la "The best jam in the world. Buy it now.” comes along, we try to bring the product to life with stories and add value. This can be the story of the company, but also "made up" stories that link the product with the reality of life of the target group. In the case of the jam, that might be a photo showing a family having coffee and cake and a recipe idea in the text.

8. Okay and last but not least - let your imagination run free: what project would you like to do if there were no limits , no matter what kind of project?

Our previous projects have been a lot of fun - interesting products, authentic brands, nice customers who have given us their trust and enough freedom for conception and implementation. To go one better is probably what we generally dream of: being able to let the circus run free in our heads - really without restrictions, to make the craziest ideas come true. This can mean designing an elaborate space that seems completely over the top or straight out of a fairy tale, implementing ideas that require a ton of models at once or custom-made props, creating sets that lean towards art rather than advertising... For us it is probably not a question of ONE PERFECT PROJECT, but rather the dream of having enough space and freedom for creativity and experimentation.

Dear Valerie and dear Pascal - thank you very much for the exciting insights into your everyday life! We are enthusiastic about your work and can only recommend you.

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