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"We act in cycles. Every product is taken back by us and reborn as a new one."


Neolign® is a wood-based, recyclable material developed by WYE. It consists of 83% wood chips, a by-product of the wood industry, paints and polymers.

| No new tree is cut for Neolign® | Our products are made by upcycling by-products of the wood processing industry.

| Recyclable | You want to get rid of your WYE piece? Give it to us, get a credit and we'll make new products out of it. Thanks to Neolign and your help, a bench can later become a stool.

| Responsible | For us, sustainability also means social responsibility. We produce under fair working conditions within Europe and avoid - by short distances and planting new trees - an extra burden on the CO2 balance.


Make a statement for your home and a sustainable future.

No human work lasts forever and even design does not solve all problems. Creators should have humility towards nature and see it as an example. Not as an inconvenience to be controlled.
The basic idea is that all things that are used are regarded as biological or technical nutrients that circulate in cycles. However, this is not about “zero waste”, because nature knows no waste, everything is nutrient.
Assess and optimize the life cycle of products and processes so that it resembles a natural system in which there is no waste.
We are part of the planet and therefore part of its cycles - we should accept our role in it as human beings.


| Design without compromise |

Neolign® offers the basis for design without compromising between beautiful and healthy living.

| Innovative | Neolign® is unique in look & feel. It smells of wood, is malleable like plastic and free of emissions and pollutants.

| Puristic | The beauty of the design lies in the coherence of the construction. Each element has a clear function. All elements visibly mesh - the design is reduced to the essentials.

| Character | Furniture shows who you are. Our furniture is not only expressed in quality, but also in individual and unique colour.

Recyclable material


Neolign® is a specially developed wood-based material that is 100% recyclable. It combines the natural properties of wood and the malleability of plastic.

· suitable for outdoor use · abrasion-resistant · easy to repair · recyclable ·

What is Neolign actually?

Wood chips

Neolign® consists of 83% by-products from industrial wood processing.


Polymers provide strength and stability. They too can be unconditionally recycled in Neolign®.

color pigments

Neolign® is not only colored on the surface, but throughout. An advantage of this is excellent repairability.

What is special about Neolign®

— zero emissions —

In contrast to many veneered materials and chipboard, Neolign® is free of plasticizers, PVC and formaldehyde. This is not only good for our environment, but also for you, in the closer coexistence with your furniture.

— CO2 reduction —

Our aim is to keep our CO2 emissions as low as possible. That's why we use green energy for our office and Neolign® production facility, ship our products with DHL Green and plant a tree for every order with the help of Primaklima.

— circularity —

Neolign® consists of 100% recyclable materials. In this way, we ensure recyclability in our production processes. And to ensure that the material remains valuable and can be recycled, we count on you: if you put Neolign® back into the cycle, new furniture can be made out of it.

— outdoor ability —

Compared to solid wood alternatives, Neolign® is significantly more weather-resistant and also insensitive to moisture after treatment with Neolign Care.

— repairability —

Due to the complete coloring of Neolign®, a surface damaged by long-term use can be professionally sanded down. This ensures optimal repairability and gives your WYE piece a new shine.

— resilience —

Neolign® impresses with its stability and abrasion resistance, because sustainability always requires longevity.

— Upcycling —

The wood-based material Neolign® is obtained, among other things, by upcycling by-products of industrial wood processing. In this way we avoid waste and conserve natural resources.

Galileo took a very close look at Neolign®!

Circular Community

Together against wasting resources!

The idea of ​​the circular community corresponds to a value-creating community in which raw materials, including in the form of processed products, remain valuable and can be converted into new monetary values. In our case it works like this:

1. Wood residues, polymers and color pigments are pressed into Neolign® and ...

2. together with steel elements make up your WYE-PIECE .

3. Together you can create healthy, pollution-free living in your home ...

4. ... and makes a statement against fast-furniture and waste of resources through long-term LIVING TOGETHER .

5. By RETURNing to us or a retailer, you will receive a 40% credit towards a new part of the range.

6. With the granulation , your piece becomes the raw material for new furniture again and thus remains valuable.

WYE ('Why') is the important question that leads to the beginning of everything new.

– Francis & Ferdinand, Founders of WYE.

When Neolign® came about, we were both still studying. The idea of ​​a recyclable material made of wood chips, which can be recycled, manifested itself in our crooked shared rooms. This idea continued to grow until it gave birth to WYE and now gives us much more than just a task. It gives us scope for meaning and the great opportunity to make sustainability easy AND aesthetic through innovative design.


Francis Wozniak
| Founder & CEO |


Ferdinand Kraemer
| Founder & Head of Design |


Antonia Lorenz
| Customer Service & Accountant Manager |


Anna Stephan
| Lager & Supply Chain Managerin |


Jasmine Stephan
| Working student product development |


Alina Ernestberger
| Working student Marketing & Communication |


Theresa Hidanovic
| Werkstudentin Corporate Partnerships | 


Lisa Huynh
| Werkstudentin Social Media Marketing |

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