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Zirkuläres Design für die Möbel Revolution.

Wir handeln in Kreisläufen. Der Einsatz von kreislauffähigen Materialien, wie 'Neolign' ermöglicht uns eine Produktion ohne Abfall. Alles ist Nahrung für Neues - Die Natur ist unser Vorbild.

Customer reviews


The design of the furniture and the colors are very appealing and that in combination with sustainability is perfect. Very beautiful. 👍🏻


Top quality, top design


Great products! I am very happy with my stool and love the calypso red. I'm curious which products will be added and I'm definitely already saving for my lowboard.


Delivery time was a bit long. But it's acceptable for such a young company, I think. The products are all the more beautiful for that!


The furniture is modern, without frills and also sustainable - and in mint! 😍



100% neoligne | 100% recyclable | 100% couch fit

Recyclable soap dishes

2 designs | 4 colors

#fighting fast furniture

"We create the basis for healthy, sustainable living with sustainably innovative design pieces made of Neolign®. "
Use a product that flows in a closed loop - just like a coral reef or a forest. We find our inspiration in nature and its beauty. For us, beauty means accepting our role as human beings on this planet, maintaining our dignity and seeing ourselves as part of nature. The consequence of this is to integrate ourselves into this cycle that determines our being. Together we want to create a culture of beauty and love for our planet.

Awarded for sustainability & design

Zero Waste | easy care | Dishwasher safe

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and the question of environmentally friendly wood processing.

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and the challenges of design and sustainability.

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Prizes and awards

"Outstanding and more than worthy of an award".

- Leo Lübke​ -

"The furniture from WYE impresses with an elegant, functional design that does justice to the demand for longevity and environmental friendliness to a large extent."

– Jury German Sustainability Award -

“Great design sustainably packaged!”​

- LIEB & KÜHN Interior Design ​-
Ferdinand and Francis
About us

"WYE is the important question of "Why" (=Why) that stands at the beginning of everything new."

In our case, the answer to the "why" corresponded to the responsibility to use our resources carefully and to prevent rapid consumption.
So our beginning of everything new is called Neolign®.