NEOLIGN® | properties and care

NEOLIGN® | Eigenschaften und Pflege

Neolign is new and innovative. This makes it unique in many ways, but often also ensures restraint in everyday use. This is unfounded, because Neolign is not only robust and can easily withstand intensive everyday use, but can also be easily cleaned and upgraded.

Here you will find bundled information about the properties of Neolign, care instructions and everything to do with Neolign Care.


Neolign® consists of 83% by-products from the wood processing industry: namely wood chips.

NEOLIGN® behaves like untreated wood.
Neolign smells and feels like natural wood - in its so pristine condition liquid can penetrate the fibers of the material.

NEOLIGN® is suitable for outdoor use.
Compared to real wood alternatives, which are also untreated, Neolign is significantly more weather-resistant.

NEOLIGN® is hard-wearing.
Due to the high density, the material is very robust overall.

The NEOLIGN® surface is durable.
Scratches and quirks do not indicate the end of the product cycle. This ensures an extended service life.

NEOLIGN® is completely dyed through. In contrast to materials that are colored on the surface, the surface reflects the core of the panel.


An important aspect of sustainability is longevity.
To ensure that your WYE piece retains its shine over a long period of time, it is worth preemptively treating the surface with Neolign Care, natural oils or conventional environmentally friendly wood care products.

Here you will find tips on how to offer your product optimal protection and care:

To prevent Neolign from getting dirty, use Neolign Care for ideal protection.
Power of the sun against water stains:
If liquid has penetrated the material, the power of the sun is often enough to remove it again.
Detergent and sponge against stains:
More stubborn stains can be easily treated with washing-up liquid and the rough side of a classic washing-up sponge.
Abrasive fleece against scratches:
The roughening property of the abrasive fleece makes scratches and impurities disappear.
grind down:
Due to the color penetration of the Neoligns®, a surface damaged by long-term use can be professionally sanded down.

By the way:

! Small, undyed wood inclusions are by no means defects. They are created through the use of sustainable materials and are therefore an expression of the naturalness of the original material.

! Like all natural materials, Neolign® matures with the influences of its environment and can develop a charming patina depending on the intensity of use.


Neolign Care is a protective and care product that is optimally tailored to the properties of Neolign. Due to the saturation of the material, it absorbs liquid and dirt less easily and thus significantly increases stain resistance. With care, you ensure that you minimize signs of wear and tear on your piece of furniture and that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. With this you support our philosophy of sustainability through longevity. We say thank you for that!