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| HOMESTORIES | Zuhause bei Mia

Unusual details, wild color combinations and the love for the interior are hidden behind the door of our current home story.  This time we interviewed a constantly reinventing master of interior design. She lives with her husband and their dogs in a cozy round house.

Mia herself says that her interior design style is probably difficult to pigeonhole. She describes it in three words: modern, colourful, experimental. Despite the colorful variety of furnishings and decorations, she always makes sure to have a calming influence in the room.

We are very pleased that she gave us a glimpse into her cozy round house, albeit unfortunately only digitally, and answered a few questions for our home story. Among other things, she talks about the challenges and difficulties in planning such an extraordinary house. In the interview, she also tells us what makes her feel good at home, how she integrates sustainability and where her enthusiasm for interior design and design comes from.

  1. What makes your home your home? And what qualities does your home have to have to make you feel comfortable? What I love about my home is that it is a safe space for my creativity and that I can let it run free here. Professionally I am creative for others, in my own four walls only for myself. I really enjoy developing my style and always putting new ideas into practice. The man in the round house, our dogs, light, warmth, the view of the countryside and the proximity to the mountains are also great feel-good factors for me.
  2. How would you describe your furnishing style/your home? My style is hard to pigeonhole, in three words I would say: modern, colourful, experimental.
  3. What is your favorite piece of furniture? It's hard for me to choose, but we spend most of our time here on our fluffy sofa. After the original cover suffered from 8-12 dog paws over time, I covered it with shaggy wool - that makes it so incredibly comfortable.

4. What role does sustainability play in the interior for you? What are your hacks for a more sustainable home? I now completely do without almost shopping and constantly changing decorations: I prefer to save for something special that I can then enjoy for a long time. Seasonally, I only decorate with "natural" things (flowers, twigs, etc.), prefer to buy handmade items from small artists and labels or sometimes used items from classifieds.

5. Your apartment has a very special shape. What role do the many curves and angles play in your furnishing process? (Challenges?) Yes, that's right, the floor plan of my apartment is a circle and only tailor-made furniture from the carpenter can be placed on the outer walls - that wasn't always easy during planning and implementation. But I've always dreamed of an extraordinary property, so I was all the more willing to accept the challenge. I also see it as a benefit: Without the special solutions, my interior would certainly not be as individual as it is now.

6. Where does your enthusiasm for interior and design come from? I already dared to try wild color combinations in my children's room - the joy of expressing my creativity through interiors has continued throughout my life. But only now can I really live out my passion in my condominium: here I can draw walls, lay tiles, paint, varnish and wallpaper as I want.

7. What role do colors and materials play for you? A very important role - my interior thrives on unusual color and material combinations. From Moroccan tiles, marble, terrazzo and microcement to patterned wallpaper, wood, fluffy sheep's wool and of course neolign, there is a lot to discover here. Color is also an issue here - I combine soft shades of green and pink, for example, with bright Yves Klein blue and crimson details. I make sure that there is still a certain calm in the rooms - because a colorful interior doesn't have to mean Villa Kunterbunt.

8. Is there one thing that gives you the most joy in the design process? Yes - the "Interior Ping Pong" with my dear friend and sparring partner, the incredibly talented Mike Klar (@herrklar). It makes so much difference to be able to share the passion with someone, to get fresh input and to be slowed down a bit at one point or another. I tend to overdo it too ;)

9. Is there anything you would do differently in hindsight? A design that didn't turn out to be functional/ a piece of furniture that you "outgrew"? Fortunately, I planned my large pieces of furniture very neutrally, so that I can let off steam with my ideas around them. In the beginning there were more boho and midcentury elements here, which I think are great in others - but that changed quite quickly here because for me it was not in harmony with the architecture of the house. One or the other decorative item, small pieces of furniture and carpets have therefore already been replaced, but so far there has always been a happy customer among family and friends.

10. What convinced you to integrate a WYE piece into your home? Is there a product that you feel is missing from the WYE collection? There are pieces of furniture that fit so beautifully into any room that I can't decide where I prefer to put them. That's how I feel about my WYE stool in combination with the beautiful stele - they simply look great everywhere and are proof to me that you don't have to make compromises between design and sustainability. I would be very happy if the two of them would eventually be joined by a Lavender Leaf Green Chair. :)

Dear Mia! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the insights into your creative process, which makes your cozy round house something very special. We think that one can only feel comfortable with you and are curious where you will place our stool and our stele next.