Neon, pastell und ganz viele Blumen: Das ist das Zuhause von @lisannevandeklift. Zusammen mit ihrer Familie lebt die Holländerin in einem Haus, dessen backsteinrote Fassade den Farbreichtum des Innenraums nur erahnen lässt. Affen-Tapete, eine rote Holztreppe und eine Statement-Wohnzimmerwand in schwarzer Farbe. All diese bunten, lauten Elemente vereint sie mit Geschickt und Sinn für Details zu einem harmonischen Gesamteindruck und zeigt damit, dass Ästhetik nicht nur einem Stil folgt und dass mehr auch manchmal mehr ist. 
Für unser Segment „Homestories“ hat sie uns einige Fragen beantwortet. 

Neon, pastel and lots of flowers: that's the home of @lisannevandeklift. Together with her family, the Dutchwoman lives in a house whose brick-red facade only hints at the richness of color inside. Monkey wallpaper, a red wooden staircase and a statement living room wall in black color. She combines all these colorful, loud elements with skill and a sense of detail to create a harmonious overall impression, showing that aesthetics don't just follow one style and that more is sometimes more.

She answered a few questions for our "Homestories" segment.

  1. What makes your home your home? And what qualities does your home need to make you feel at home?  
    My house is colorful and cozy. I like stuff around me. I’m not a minimalist. From accessories with a personal story to real design furniture. A real home is never finished. An interior takes time and grows with you.  
  1. How would you describe your decorating style/home?  
    My decoration style is mix and match. I like multiple styles and just choose what I like. An item I fell in love with, always finds a good place at home.  
  2. What is your favorite piece of furniture?  
    My kitchen table. That is the place where the whole family comes together. Where parties are celebrated and it is a piece of furniture that has been with us all our family life..  
  1. What role does sustainability in interior design play for you? What are your hacks for a more sustainable home?   
     I try to give accessories or furniture a second life. By a new place in our house or a small adjustment. Or I give away or sell things. I also choose consciously. I prefer to save a little longer for a product that will last a long time with us. I won't go for cheap and fast.  
  1. Where does your enthusiasm for interior and design come from? 
    My mother. As long as I can remember she has been busy making our home beautiful and cozy. I grew up with it.  
  1. What role do colors and materials play for you?   
    A big part! I like color and I like to use a variety of materials.  
  2. What do you enjoy most about designing? What is your personal trick for designing your happy place? 
    Just do it! Try and if it doesn't work, change!

  3. You've incorporated a black wall into your living room - many others would call this a "bold move." What to consider when designing with dark colors
    Provide contrast. The black wall is a perfect backdrop for a bookcase full of color. Always combine black with color and warmth.

  4. What motivates you to share your interior aesthetic and home design via Instagram? Why do you like to let others share it? 
    I really enjoy being inspired by others via Instagram. I hope to be able to do this the other way around. In addition, I constantly change our interior. Without Instagram, I would too. It is great fun to always show the result and share new discoveries!  

  5. What convinced you to integrate a WYE piece into your home? Is there a product that you feel is still missing from WYE's collection?  
    When I saw the WYE piece for the first time, I immediately loved it. The design, the material and the colors. Awesome! It 's an eye-catcher in our interior and also very practical. I'm very happy with it!  

Thank you Lisanne – for  answering our questions in such an inspiring way and encuraging everyone for trile and error. Interior design does not need to be perfect on the first try. And thats great: Because isn’t the process of experimenting, creating and outliving certain styles until they eventually start to feel like  part of you, the engine, that drives our love for Interior Design? 

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