This designer kitchen board impresses in your kitchen

A unique design element made from an innovative wood material

- sustainably produced in Germany

Nina K

"Design object chopping board - what sculptural works of art, so solid in material and clean in workmanship, great colors, I'm happy every time my gaze wanders through the kitchen. They won't be put away anymore!" 🙌

WYE kitchen board

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  • Dimensions large: 42 x 26 x 1.9 cm (length x width x height)
  • Dimensions Small: 26 x 18 x 1.9 cm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Material: 100% high-strength Neolign® (>83% wood content), 3x higher abrasion resistance than Bangkirai tropical wood
  • Precise, elaborately worked relief structure
  • Fair production in the EU

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30 days money back guarantee

Become part of a unique recycling cycle and receive a 40% credit for your next purchase.

We set new ecological standards in the furniture industry by thinking in terms of holistic product cycles - from resources to production and useful life to disposal.

When developing our furniture, we pay attention to longevity through high quality, timeless design and ease of repair. Nevertheless, statistics show that even high-quality design pieces are used for increasingly shorter periods.

We therefore offer you, if necessary, to take back the products. Because for us Neolign has a high value as a resource even after its useful life. Just like the sheet steel, it is returned to our manufacturing process and new collections are created. In this way we are creating a |cycle| that is unique to date in the furniture sector and can use our wood material for several decades.

As an incentive to return, you will receive a 40% credit on the returned WYE product. You can then redeem this for a new product at a stationary retailer or in our online shop. You can find out more here.

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Francis & Ferdinand

Founder of WYE

Known from:

This board makes you jealous!

Unique design. The board upgrades every kitchen

Dishwasher safe

✅ Resistant and robust

Knife blades are protected

Zero Waste. 100% recyclable

✅Made in Germany

Material innovation: Neolign®

No tree is felled for Neolign.

| 83% wood content, PEFC certified |

| Upcycling wood chips |

| 100% circular |

| Material Cradle to Cradle certified |

| Made in Germany |

Design for home

puristic | The beauty of the design lies in the coherence of the construction. The design is reduced to the essentials. Every gram of material has its function.

innovative | Neolign® is unique in look & feel. It smells of wood, is malleable like plastic and free of emissions and pollutants.

durable | Our products claim to outlast generations not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of appearance.

Thats what our customers say:


I would never have thought that sustainability could also be so aesthetic. I'm excited !!


Oh I'm so in love with my WYE piece.🥰


The lowboard is so modern, no frills, and sustainable at the same time! Even my kids love it!


I am enthusiastic about the color and the filigree appearance of my WYE treasures.


Great products! I am very happy with my stool and love the calypso red . I'm curious which products will be added and I'm definitely already saving for my lowboard.


Wow! mega concept


top quality! top design .


The Kalypso Red Bench is my absolute favorite piece of furniture 😍


Really awesome! Not the last piece that I bought!


The sustainable statement

made in Germany

| iconic |

| sustainable |

| easycare |

Unique sustainability

Zero Waste

The wood-based material Neolign® is obtained, among other things, by upcycling by-products of industrial wood processing. In this way we avoid waste and conserve natural resources .


The Neolign® kitchen board is made from 100% recyclable materials . In this way, we ensure recyclability in our production processes.

fair production

For us, fair working conditions and social responsibility are part of holistic sustainability and are therefore a matter of course for all our products.

fighting fast furniture