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Circular (C2C) | robust & shockproof | Design Award Winner | Fair production in the EU
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  • Dimensions: L100/120 x W28 x H45 cm (12/14 kg)
  • Material: Neolign (>83% wood content) | 3mm sheet steel (powder-coated)
  • Fair production in the EU
  • incl. felt gliders
30 dagen retourgarantie
Gratis verzending binnen de EU vanaf 1.115 kr
Maak deel uit van een unieke recyclingcyclus en ontvang 40% tegoed op uw volgende aankoop.

Wij hanteren de hoogste ecologische normen in de meubelindustrie door te werken in termen van holistische productcycli - van grondstoffen tot productie en van lange levensduur tot recycling.

Bij de ontwikkeling van onze meubelen letten wij op een lange levensduur door hoge kwaliteit, tijdloos design en reparatiegemak. Toch blijkt uit de cijfers dat zelfs hoogwaardige designstukken steeds korter worden gebruikt.

Daarom bieden wij aan de producten zo nodig terug te nemen. Want voor ons heeft Neolign ook na de levensduur een hoge waarde als grondstof. Net als de staalplaat gaat deze terug in ons productieproces en worden er nieuwe collecties gecreëerd. Op deze manier creëren wij een tot nu toe unieke "cyclus" in de meubelsector en kunnen wij ons materiaal op houtbasis meerdere decennia gebruiken.

Als beloning voor het retourneren van uw WYE-product ontvangt u een tegoedbon van 40% op het geretourneerde product. Deze kunt u vervolgens inwisselen voor een nieuw product in onze online shop. Meer informatie vindt u hier.


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This bench will impress everyone!

The first thing that will strike you is the exceptional quality. The precise edges, no edging or adhesive spots, perfectly fitting welded and screwed connections show exceptional precision.

Unique look and feel - thanks the cool fine structure of the powder-coated sheet steel, which harmonises with the warm, rough surface of the Neolign® wood material.


I would never have thought that sustainability could also be so aesthetic. I'm excited !!


Oh I'm so in love with my WYE piece.🥰


The lowboard is so modern, no frills, and sustainable at the same time! Even my kids love it!


I am enthusiastic about the color and the filigree appearance of my WYE treasures.


Great products! I am very happy with my stool and love the calypso red . I'm curious which products will be added and I'm definitely already saving for my lowboard.


Wow! Awesome concept


Great quality! Great design.


The Kalypso Red Bench is my absolute favorite piece of furniture 😍


Really awesome! Not the last piece that I bought!

the ecological game changer

The Neolign® surface openly shows the natural and organic components of the wood material. Neolign behaves like freshly cut wood. A perfect example of circular design. Reduced to the essentials, highest quality and still easy to repair in 100 years.

German Design Award Winner

WYE won the German Design Award in 2 categories. Excellent Product & Eco Design.

With the concept of circular materials, WYE follows nature's example and keeps all its resources in a closed cycle. They revolutionize the furniture market.

Subtle Clarity

In Torhaus Warnau, Eva Kaiser @lumikello shows a refreshingly clear interior. She precisely coordinates art and product and gives each item the attention and function it deserves in the room.

- styled by Eva Kaiser @lumikello

Nordic living

Authentic and simple, the room is optically divided by horizontal lines of sight and accentuated with cheerful colours. This creates an exciting, calm look and leaves the room spacious .

- styled by @elseanna

Covered serenity

In Anne's second home @170sqm, natural colors dominate and soft shapes complement clear edges. The reserved aesthetic creates harmony and serenity.

- styled by Anne @170sqm

Deat cushion |chamfer|

Get the right seat cushion for your stool |chamfer| from recyclable material.

Product features:

Suitable for outdoor use

Compared to solid wood alternatives, Neolign® is significantly more weather-resistant and also insensitive to moisture after treatment with Neolign Care.


All WYE products are made from 100% recyclable materials. In this way, we ensure recyclability in our product processes. And so that the material remains valuable and can be recycled, we count on you: if you return the material to the cycle, new furniture can be made from it.


The wood-based material Neolign® is obtained, among other things, by upcycling by-products of industrial wood processing. In this way we avoid waste and conserve natural resources.


The materials used - steel and Neolign® - impress with their stability, weather resistance and abrasion resistance, because sustainability always requires durability and repairability.

Packed without plastic

We do not use any plastic in our packaging - everything consists exclusively of recycled PEFC-certified paper and cardboard.


Our aim is to keep our Co2 emissions as low as possible. To do this, we integrate green alternatives into our everyday processes and use green energy for our office and the Neolign® production facility. We also ship our products with DHL Green and plant a tree for every order with the help of Primaklima.

“We adore your designs. Amazing products with amazing values behind.💚♻️”

- @sustainablearchitecturalmarket -

“We think your designs are real eye-catchers that still fit harmoniously into any room. Very cool!"

- @moebelmatch.de -

“This is just perfect 💘🙌🏻💯”

- @thekla_wilkening -

"My colorful dream came true!"

- @gestatten_paul -